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Quench and Temper

Thermatool™ Quench and Temper lines can process 2, 5, 10, 15, 20 or 30 tons per hour for Austenitizing, Quench and Temper utilizing induction, gas, or electric furnaces coupled with the Thermatool™ Precision Quench™.

Thermatool™ Quench and Temper lines feature Solid State Induction power supplies and a patented high-technology modular PrecisionSlot™ Quench. Effective Quench and Temper requires the ability to deliver uniformly heated material to achieve optimum product straightness and consistent metallurgical transformation according to application requirements. Thermatool™ Quench and Temper lines utilize SmartHeat™ closed-loop temperature control to provide industry-leading process control capabilities and recipe storage and retrieval. Backed by in-depth process and materials knowledge, Thermatool™ Quench and Temper lines are able to meet demanding application requirements for API<sup>®</sup> products and proprietary grades of tube, pipe and bar in lengths over 1.8 m (8 ft).

The low-distortion PrecisionSlot™ Quench yields optimized hardness and often eliminates post-processesing requirements for straightness and ovality control. Use of SmartHeat™ temperature control for tempering results in the highest elongation and toughness (Charpy impact) values after hardening.  Real-time data logging software provides a data record for each tube, pipe or bar processed.

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  • Fax: 054-954-5685

Email: inductotherm@inductotherm.co.kr



  • Variable Inductance PowerSupply (VIP™) use one coil to heat a large diameter range of product without coil changeovers
  • 0.95 input power factor under all operating conditions
  • Inverter efficiency of 92%
  • Full programmable speed control for all material handling devices
  • End-to-end processing ensures minimal end effects
  • Fully automated quick-change lines available
  • Recipe driven algorithms enable low quantity orders and small batch processing
  • Automatic induction coil change-over when required
  • Instant on/off capability with induction heating equipment
  • Optional upset end preheating stations
  • Optional infrared camera upgrades
  • High-velocity. low-distortion PrecisionSlot™ Quench with variable speed turbine pumps
  • Capable of seamless and welded tube processing
  • Wide variety of materials can be processed from low-carbon steel to martensitic stainless steels
  • Software diagnostics provide specific troubleshooting assistance for maintenance technicians
  • Local service and spare parts available worldwide
  • Centralized operator pulpit with video monitoring available