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Concentric Brazing System

Originally designed for brazing copper ring end caps to large (6 ton) rotor assemblies for step motors, this system can be configured to braze a multitude of parts concentric to one another. The Concentric Brazing System is designed for quick change inductor assemblies allowing for a wide range in part diameters of up to 34 in.

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Radyne Concentric Brazing System
  • Replaces labor intensive flame braze operation
  • Shorter cycle time & reduced silver braze alloy cost
  • 11.0-34.0in [27-86cm] part diameter range
  • Up to 12,000 lbs [5443 kg]
  • Quick change inductor assemblies/tooling
  • Operator touch screen HMI interface with temperature control feedback

Tech Specs

Concentric Brazing Systems
Power Output Up to 300 kW
Nominal Output Frequency 10 kHz
Controls Package Dual Color Pyrometer Feedback for Temperature Control
Part Diameter Range 11 – 34 in [27 – 86 cm]