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Multi-Wire Line

Installed independently or as a pre-heater to a conventional furnace, the Radyne Multi-Wire induction heater can offer a cost-effective solution for multi-wire heating applications.

Induction Heating provides a clean, fast, and efficient way of heating multiple wires to temperatures up to Curie (1292~1364°F [700~740°C]), making it an ideal solution for modern multi-wire or strand annealing heating processes.

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The system uses a single coil around all the wires, maintaining the required wire pitches that are used in conventional multi-wire applications. The footprint is small enough that retro-fitting to existing wire lines is possible.

A Radyne Multi-Wire Induction Heating System can heat from 2 – 40 wires, delivering a throughput of 4,400 lbs/hour [2,000 kg/hour], heated to 1292°F [700°C].

  • Copper cladding wire at high speed and efficiency
  • Fine strip – Ribbon, Films
  • Silicon steel laminations
  • Low or high carbon steel
  • Stamping stock
  • Braze material laminates
  • Aluminum/Steel Can Strip