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Single Chamber Induction Skull Melting Furnace

Consarc offers Induction Skull Melting (ISM) furnaces which is a method of melting metals in a segmented water-cooled copper vessel while under vacuum or controlled atmosphere using an induction coil. Consarc’s single chamber design is for low volume prototype castings and R&D work. Consarc ISM furnaces provide superior chemical and thermal homogeneity when compared to more traditional methods of melting reactive materials such as arc skull casting.

Consarc은 진공 또는 제어 분위기 하에서 유도코일과 세그먼트 화 된 수냉구리도가니를 적용한 금속 용융방식-유도스컬용해(ISM)을 제공합니다. 단일챔버 설계는 소용량의 프로토 타입 주조 또는 R&D업무에 적합합니다. Consarc 의 ISM 장비는 Reactive materials 의 전통적인 용해방식 아크스컬주조 등과 비교하여 우수한 화학적, 열적 균일성을 제공합니다.

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• Excellent for R&D and Prototype Castings
• Low Overhead Clearance
• Small Footprint
• Flexible
• Upgradeable to a tandem unit at a later time

Tech Specs

Capacities: 5kg – 100kg+
Vacuum Levels: up to 1×10-5 torr
Centrifugal casting up to 400 RPM
Copper Crucible from a single forged piece of material
CCTV System for viewing melt remotely
Remote controls for safe operation


• Cup charger
• Centrifugal casting
• Bridge breaker
• Immersion Thermocouple
• Pyrometer
• High Vacuum Pumps (Diffusion or Oil Vapor Booster)