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Spring Wire Line Systems

Process spring wire at high speeds: the Radyne Spring Wire Line is the world’s fastest Induction Tempering Spring Wire System, setting the industry standard for speed. Radyne high speed Spring Wire Systems operate at line speeds up to 590 ft/min [180 m/min], producing up to 6,600 lbs/hr [3,000 kg/hr].

Radyne Spring Wire Line Systems are suitable for cold coiling for a wide variety of wire-based products including automotive suspension springs, overhead garage door springs, and general mechanical springs. Spring Wire Line Systems support diameters ranging from 0.05 – 0.63 in [1.27 mm – 15.75 mm].

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We take quality seriously. Radyne Spring Wire Systems maintain the highest quality surface finish, interior strength and tough pitch. The precise control of power and wire temperature makes the process highly repeatable. By eliminating traces of alkali, our equipment minimizes the carbon deposition on the surface of the wire.

A typical system will produce high quality spring wire in materials ranging from carbon steel through to the more exotic alloy steels such as SAE 9254 (Chrome Silicon) and SAE 9254V (Chrome Silicon Vanadium) at production rates up to 6,600 lbs/hour [3,000 kg/hr].

Environmentally friendly with pay-off and take-up systems designed to allow continuous production, a Radyne Spring Wire System delivers maximum uptime and increased tensile strengths with ductility of more than 40% ROA.

  • Materials: AISI 9254, CH25, CH45, AISI 4140
  • Tensile strengths of greater than 2000MPa, whilst still having a ductility of more than 40% ROA
  • Utilizes an efficient non-oil, water quenching system.

Tech Specs

 Spring Wire Line Systems
Max Diameter 0.23 in [6 mm]
Min Diameter 0.63 in [16 mm]
Material Throughput up to 6,600 lbs/hr [3000 kg/hr]
Line Speed up to 590 ft/min [180 m/min]