Aluminium and Light Alloy Induction Billet Heaters - Inductotherm Group Korea Ltd.

Aluminium and Light Alloy Induction Billet Heaters

Banyard is the leading name in non-ferrous induction heating technology, providing mains and low frequency heating solutions for Aluminium, Brass, Copper and light alloys for both sawn and sheared billets ranging from 127mm (5”) to 610mm (24”) in diameter.

Today’s manufacturers demand billets of the very highest quality at the press. For optimum quality, precision control of billet temperature is vital during the manufacturing process.


Inductotherm Group Korea

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• Multiple control zones enable both static and dynamic induction billet heating for precision isothermal extrusion

• Multi-layer induction coils offer high operating efficiency and precise temperature control

• Multi-layer efficiency is of paramount importance, becoming more and more beneficial due to rising energy costs

• Banyard non-ferrous induction heating technology delivers maximum extrusion speed resulting in higher productivity

Tech Specs

  • Single shot (full heating from ambient) or boost heating of pre-heated billets
  • Multi billet capability (with single or multi-zone configuration, as required)