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Zero Friction Aluminium Induction Billet Heaters

In recent years a significant development from Banyard has been the introduction of induction heating systems which offer special mechanical handling technology designed specifically to address the needs of the Aluminium micro-tubing sector.

Prior to the extrusion of Aluminium micro-tubing, any surface scratches or dents to the billet (before and after the induction heating process) can show up on the outer surface of the finished product. Any resultant surface damage will appear magnified on such small diameter micro-tubing.


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The Banyard solution is to provide zero friction servo-handling of the Aluminium billet. This is achieved by effectively minimising the area of contact with the billet at all stages of the process. Smooth movement is also assured by use of precision linear bearings and hardened slide-ways with racks for servo-motor drives.

Tech Specs

  • Single shot system
  • Reduced mechanical loads on the coil
  • Reduced dead cycle time
  • Dynamic temperature profiling
  • Eliminates need for skid plates